Homophones homework

Date: 13th Oct 2017 @ 9:24pm

Hello Oberon,

Your challenge this week is to find as many examples of homophones around your home or when you are out and about over the weekend. Give a little example of what you have found and what the homophones mean.

E.g. pair & pear 

1a. I have just bought a lovely pair of new shoes, they are a beautiful claret red colour.

1b. My mum just gave me a juicy pear, it was delicious.

Don't forget to put your answers as a comment below.

See you Monday,

Miss Griffiths

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Emma Williams wrote:

Stairs and Stares :
I go up the stairs to get to Oberon in the morning.
My dog stares at me when I eat.

Hair and hare:
My hair is brown.
The wild hare ran around the garden.

Conker and conquer:
I saw a conker fall of a tree.
Holly tried to conquer her maths test.

Eight and ate:
My brother is Eight.
Olivia ate her tea.

Bored and board:
I was bored at home.
I played a board game.

These are what I have found.
Have a nice weekend Oberon

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Kian wrote:

Miss griffis I found 9 homophones

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Erin wrote:

Hi Miss.
I have 2 sentences for homework.
I got a lego character from the toy shop and there was alot of toys to choose from.
My friend also got a toy but their toy was different.
See you tommorow. Bye.

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Abi wrote:

Miss Griffiths, I just finished my homophones homework. I've put down:
1) hear and here 4) mail and male
2) bare and bear 5) won and one
3) chilli and chilly 6) right and write in one sentence Have a good rest of your weekend. BYE

Emma W wrote:

Well done Abi I couldn't think of them 👍❤️

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Nathan wrote:

Hi Miss Griffiths,

1A. My mum made BEAN's on toast for breakfast.

1B. I have BEEN to Morrisons.

2A. We have TWO types of popcorn for our snack.

2B. I went TO Olivia's house for a sleepover.

3A. Jessica had SUM's for her homework.

3B. We had SOME popcorn after tea.

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Chelsea wrote:

i found = hall & haul
1a=I put my shoes in the hall.
1b = I saw a car that broken and a other car had to haul to the garage.
pearl & purl
2a=My mum has a pearl earrings , they are lovely.

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Chelsea wrote:

purl meaning
The tap makes a purl sound when it turns on.

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Natalia wrote:

1a there was a photo of me on the wall.
1b their photo is on my wall.
1c they're taking a photo of me.

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Olivia wrote:

My furniture in my room is all wood.
I would like a new bike for my birthday.
Here I am
I can hear very good
I saw you
You have to saw wood

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Hiba wrote:

i found loads one of them were their there

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Charlie wrote:

Glasses-reading and drinking glasses.

Boot-boot that u wear and boot of a car.

Tea-tea time and a cup of tea.

A foot is 12 inches long and I’m 4 feet long

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Ryan C wrote:

Poor and pore there,their and the're

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lucas wrote:

ball & bawl - football and shout and bawl
base & bass - bed base and sterio bass
cent & scent - 50 cent from holiday and scent of candle
clothes &close - wearing clothes and close the door
facts & fax - fact book and fax machine

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