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Welcome to Dee Point Primary School

Our Core Professional Purpose           
A vibrant, ambitious community, enriching children's lives laying the foundations for lifelong learning.

Our Core Principles
If it works, do more of it.  If it doesn't - don't be afraid to change it.
Problems are regarded as opportunities.
Everyones opinion counts.
We work as one to achieve our school vision.
We learn from the past to shape our future.
We challenge each other to move forward.

Click on the picture below to vote for Dee Point's bid for a Therapy Dog in the Airbus Community Awards. Last day 16th April 2018

Please collect the vouchers in the paper, photo copies not allowed!

Contact the School

Dee Point Primary School

Dee Point Primary School
Blacon Point Road

Main Contact: Mrs Mowles or Mrs Roberts or Mrs Mannion

Tel: 01244 372631

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