E-Safety Lesson

Date: 11th Dec 2017 @ 4:36pm

Monday 2nd October


Today we learned all about how to stay safe on the internet. We looked at a conversation that happened between two people on a chat room. Most of the class thought it was two boys aged between 9-13. We were shocked to find out that the conversation was actually a 50 year old man and a 9 year old boy. We discussed how it is dangerous to talk to strangers on the internet even if they say they like the same things as you e.g. BMXs, Xboxes, Playstations etc. We also discussed how language such as 'wicked' 'cool' can trick you into thinking the person is younger than they actually are. 

To help people stay safe on the internet, we designed some E-Safety posters! Take a look at them below!

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