Coding in Oberon

Date: 12th Dec 2016 @ 8:32pm

Today Oberon worked with Miss Fellows to create to winter themed game. 

The class made a game using scratch which used variables to create a score and timer. Everyone changed the sprite and background to a winter theme and followed a set of instructions to make the algorithm to program their sprites correctly. 

The hardest part was adding in a time as the class were abit unsure on how to make it countdown, but when they looked back at their algorithm, they could see they needed to debug it by making it countdown not up! 

Have a look at Nadia's game who blew Miss Fellows away by adding a second sprite, changed the time and also added background music too! 


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She zou wrote:

That's a great cllass

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Elise wrote:

It was fuuuuuun!!!

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