Blog - Homophone Half Term Homework

Date: 26th Oct 2017 @ 8:41am

This half term we have been learning homphones during our spelling lessons. 

For homework over half term, can you write three sentences using each of the following homophones?




Once you've made your sentences, write your first name and then, in the comment box below, type your three sentences. 

There's also a game you can play to practise these homophones. Just click the picture. 




I'm looking forward to reading your sentences!

From Mrs. Lawrence

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ellie wrote:

thats their ball to play with it.they`re being nasty to me tonight.we are going over there to play.

Mrs. Lawrence wrote:

Well done Ellie. You used the homophones correctly! Don't forget capital letters when you type.

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Nathan wrote:

Is that their house.

Mrs. Lawrence wrote:

Well done Nathan. You used their correctly. What puncutation shoud go at the end of your sentence?

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Chloe Roberts wrote:

There is the fun playground so let's go on the swing.
Their dog is big ,fluffy and cute.
They're going on holiday tomorrow.

Mrs. Lawrence wrote:

Brilliant sentences Chloe! I love that you have used a conjunction and a list sentence too.

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Edie Byrne wrote:

Look over there, I can see an aeroplane. They’re being mean because they don’t like the game I’m playing.
They are slowly writing in their book while the teacher was talking.

Mrs. Lawrence wrote:

Excellent Edie. You have used the homohpones correcty. I am impressed that you used 'while' too!

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Tiami lemaitre wrote:

Thier teacher told them to stick in their homework.
There was a cat over there.
They're going on holiday next year.

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Jamal lemaitre wrote:

Their coats where on their pegs.
Over there we're the pens he said.
They're all playing football on their field.

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Layla wrote:

There is a swing in the playground.
Their dog is so fluffy.
They're book is so shiny.

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