Year 2 Games

Here you can find links to games and activities that we use in school. 

These games all provide opportunities for the children to practise their skills and new things they have learnt this year. 


Some of the sites allow you to choose the level of difficulty. The best way to use these sites is to work with your child. Turn it into a game. You versus them. Time how long they take to answer the questions. Can they get all answers correct first time? 


The children love learning and they will love sharing this with you at home!




Teach your monster to read is a new alternative that you can also try! 


The reading papers quite often ask the children to find and copy a word which shows how a character is feeling or find a word with a similar meaning. When listening to your child read at home, have those discussions and talk about any new language they may have learnt. You can also follow the link to play a game focusing on the meaning of words. 




This site is wonderful! Spelling practise that gives you all the words the children need. Choose anything from the First Level (B) or the First-Second level (C). 

There are many spelling patterns that the children have been learning about and this will help them. We will start to use this in school too!


The literacy version of Topmarks is also very use - BE CAREFUL of any American spellings!!

Another focus for spelling is knowing a range of different homophones, where the word sounds the same but has a different spelling and meaning. Below is a game we have played in school, so your child will be familiar with it. 


Punctuation and Grammar

Here you can find links to a variety of different games to help your child develop their understanding about different word types and correct uses of punctuation. 

This game asks children to think about a lot of different punctuation marks that we have already learnt and put them into sentences.    







Word types are another area of learning your child is becoming familiar with. Click on the pictures below to play some games focusng on different types of words. There is also a tutorial to help refresh their memory about the meanings. 


There have been some busy children over the summer practising their SPAG knowledge and one has come across this helpful website, which they thought would help other children too! Click on the link below to help practise more of your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. 



Topmarks is a fantastic resource of online games for all areas of the Maths curriculum. In the times tables section,

 'Hit the button'

is an example of how you can change the level of difficulty for your child.

Practice the 2,3,5 and 10 times tables.



Bitesize is also another great online tool to use. It has a wide variety of games to play to practise all four number operations as well as measure, money and time. Click Bitezise to be taken to the website.

Camel times tables is a game we often play in school and there are three levels to choose from. The questions also ask children to work out times tables as repeated additions too.                                                                                                                     

Year 3 Maths This site generates lots of calculations that the children work through. Let them use pencil and paper to help them work it out. As we have said, the level expected from Year 2 is increasing, which is why this Year 3 work is accurate expectations for Year 2. (We know that not all children are at this level, you can also use the Year 2 page for practise).


We use ICT games regulalry in school.

The children will recognise these games!






Below are some other resources that you can download and print at home. 


Files to Download

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