Our topic for the Spring Term is... 


We will start this topic by looking at ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. We will then go on to explore the River Nile and why people may have settled there. We will link this to our work in literacy by writing persuasive texts about living on the River Nile. 

Our learning will also have a focus on geography skills; we will be learning how to locate countries and cities on maps of both the UK and the wider world. We will then learn to compare different places using map symbols. This will help us understand what the world was like when Ancient Egyptians lived.

Click on the picture below to find our more about life in Ancient Egypt.



In science during the Spring term we will be learning all about light. We will start by exploring shadows and how these are made. Once we understand this, we will design our own investigation to find out how the size of shadows change. We will also learn about the dangers of the sun and how we can keep our eyes protected. 

Following on from light, we will begin to learn all about plants. We will look at the different parts of flowering plants and what they are used for. We will also learn about the lifecycle of a plant. Once we have a really good knowlegde of flowering plants we will carry out some investigations, finding out what plants need to help them grow and what happens if we change this! Things could get messy!

Click on the picture here to see what you already know about what plants need to grow. Can you complete the game by making the plant grow? 


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