Spring First Half Term

Week Beginning 5.1.22

Geography - UK Mountain Ranges, Mountains Quiz, Mountains

Maths - Arrays, Commutative Arrays, Speed Maths Challenge

Writing - Prepositions, Jemmy Button

Music - 3 Little Birds, Reggae

Science - Everyday Materials, Identifying Materials

RE - Drawing a portrait

Reading - UK Rivers

Week Beginning 10.1.22

Reading - The Water Cycle, Journey of a River

Writing - Preposition, Conjunctions, Similes

Maths - Numberblocks showing different rectangles, Numberblocks square numbers, Prime Numbers, Numberblocks problem solving

Science - Everyday Materials, Identifying Materials

Geography - How are Mountains formed

RE - Drawing a Portrait

Week Beginning 17.1.22

Reading - River Nile, River Ganges, Yamuna in Peril, The RIver Strid

Danny, the Champion of the World - Wikipedia

Writing - Similes, Paragraphing via Disney

Maths - Counting in 2s, Counting back in 2s, 4 times table, The 4 times table, 8 times table

Computing - Scratch Junior

Geography - How are Mountains formed, Examples of Mountains, Detailed Explanation

Science - Materials and their use, Rubber, Plastic, Bricks

Week Beginning 31.1.22


Maths - Matching coins

Geography - Physical Features of The UK

Science - Waterproofing experiment

PSHE - tying a shoelace 1, tying a shoelace 2

Music - Get Up Stand Up, Don't Worry Be Happy

Week Beginning 7.2.22


Maths - Car Garage (Money), Sweet Shop

Writing - Apostrophes for Omisson, Apostrophe for Possession

Science - Floating and Sinking Experiment

Geography - The Andes Mountains

Music - Beat Boxing

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