Reading is one of the most important tools we have! It unlocks creativity, enhances imagination and broadens your vocabulary and understanding of the world around you!


Reading at Home!
We are encouraging the children in Titania to bring their reading book to school every day, this allows us to read with the children and correspond with them regularly about what they are reading! We are also extremely lucky in Year 5 to have access to reading plus in school and at home. This gives the children a choice of short texts to read with comprehnsion questions. It also tests vocabulary and speed of reading.

When reading at home here are some questions you could ask to help develop your child's understanding of what they are reading.

Where is the story taking place?

Find a word the means the same as ...

Which word means ...?

What did ... do?

How do you think .... is feeling? How do you know this?

Why did a character choose to do that? Why do they feel ...?

Tell me 4 main things/events that happened in the story. Can you put them in order? 

What do you think will happen next? Tell me why you think that. 

Reading in School

During year 5, we are working on deepening our understanding across different text types, while also aiming create and maintain a love for reading. We are continuing to work on our retrievel, inference and comprehension skills but vitally using evidence from what we have read to support our ideas. We would really love for you to promote a love of reading to your children at home and to enjoy spending time reading and asking questions.

This year we will be using Steps to Read, which has a great range of texts linked to our Curriculum work!



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