During our time in Year 2, we want to encourage the children to have a love of reading, as well as developing their comprehension and inference skills. In Year 2, we really want to encourage children to read and answer questions about their reading book. 

At the end of Year 2, the children will complete tests to assess their word reading and comprehension skills. Please have a look at the sample SATs paper attached from the DfE. 

When reading at home here are some questions you could ask to help develop your child's understanding of what they are reading. 

Where is the story taking place?

Find a word the means the same as ...

Which word means ...?

What did ... do?

Which words tell you how the character is feeling?

Why did a character choose to do that? Why do they feel ...?

Tell me 4 main things/events that happened in the story. Can you put them in order? 

What do you think will happen next? Tell me why you think that. 


Here are some useful links for e books, reading games or phonics support. 


Phonics and Word Reading Games

Literacy Games

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