You've found our maths page, where you can find out about our learning and also play some games to improve your maths skills!


This term we will continue to develop our skills in multiplication and division. We will be learning to multiply and divide two digit numbers by one digit numbers. All our learning will be supported by practical resources and we will be given lots of opportunities to use our new skills to solve problems and puzzles. 

Later in the term we will return to addition and subtraction and we will begin to use the column method! This will involve carrying and exchaning and will start to get us ready for maths as we move into year 4. 


Here are some games you can play at home to help make your adding and subtracting skills even quicker! Click on the pictures. 



Target Time!

In Year 3 it is very important that we know our 4 and 8 times tables, as this will help us with our multiplcation and division skills! Practise them at home by clicking on the game pictures below.


 8 Times Tables     Hit the Button Times Tables


We also need to be able to count in multiples of 50 and 100. Have a practise by playing these games, just click on the pictures!



Don't forget to look at our blog posts for pictures of our maths problem solving skills!


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