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To start the Summer term we will be learning and writing reports linked to our new topic of Liverpool. We will be learning a report called 'Lively Liverpool' which you can read at the bottom of this page.

Once we know this report really well, we will begin to write our own versions, inventing our own cities and things that you can do there! Our focus for writing will be on using paragraphs, extending our sentences with words to show time and cause, and using a range of more mature sentence openers. 


Click on the picture of the book to play a story game where you need to choose the best words to make the story effective!  


It is very important in year 3 that we have perfect punctuation in our writing. Here are some links to games you may like to play at home to support your child's writing and use of punctuation. Just click on the pictures!

  In this game, villains have stolen punctuation! Can you help the superheroes put it back? 

 It is also very important that we can spell high frequency words in year 3. Click on the picture to practise your spellings of words we often find tricky!


One other very important skill we need in Year 3 is to be able to use words to show time and cause in our writing. Click on the picture below to play a game where you have to extend the sentences with time and cause words! In this game, you need to find the right word bubble to complete the sentence!


Keep coming back to our page to see our wonderful writing!

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