In Nursery we love to read and listen to stories every day! There are lots of opportunities in our daily routine to look at books independently and with the adults. We often ask the children to talk about what they think is happening in the pictures to develop their thinking. We also ask them who, what, where and why questions about the stories to develop their understanding and speaking skills.

Sharing Books:

Currently we are not able to send home sharing books from our Nursery library due to Covid-19. However, we will be spending lots of time reading stories in small groups and also one to one during the day. We hope that we will be able to send home sharing books again soon. 

We do hugely encourage you to read at home with your child every day. Reading at home allows Parents and Carers to spend quality time with their little ones, as well as giving them time to develop many important new skills. Please read with your child as often as possible to develop their love of books.

Phonics Teaching:

The children are currently focusing on Phase 1 Phonics. In this phase children learn to identify environmental and instrumental sounds, rhyme and rhythm, alliteration, voice sounds and oral blending and segmenting.

Songs and rhymes are a huge starting point to early reading. Rhymes help us to learn to play with words and they tune our ears to all the sounds in the word. By hearing different sounds we learn how sounds combine and blend together to form a word. 

If children can learn the sounds and hear the different sounds that make up a word then they can learn how to play with them, how to change them and most importantly, learn to recognise what sounds can be paired with other sounds. A child who knows four nursery rhymes by the time they’re four will naturally be a better reader at eight years old.

So start singing those Nursery Rhymes at home and help our children become amazing readers!


Click on the picture below to watch and sing along to some of your favoruite nursery rhymes! 





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