Groovy Greeks!

Our Autumn Topic

The Groovy Greeks!

We will be learning lots about the Ancient Greeks! We will be learning all about the Ancient Greek's and how they lived, making comparisons to our lives, finding out whether they have influenced anything that happens in the modern world.

We will be finding out about their gods and goddesses and enjoying greek myths and legends! We will also be looking at the Ancient Greek olympics...

Did you know that the olympics were first started in Ancient Greece around 2700 years ago? Isn't it amazing that they still happen today They first started in Olympia (can you guess how they came up with the name 'Olympics'?) Many of the original events such as wrestling, javelin and discus still happen today. Some events, however, have stopped, such as the chariot racing!

Some websites you might like to investigate to find out more about our exciting new topic:

Make your own olympic wreath:

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