Here at Dee Point, we have a thriving computing environment, teaching high-quality computing education. Our computing lessons ensure that pupils become digitally literate, can express themselves and communicate through information and communication technology, understand how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. We aim to prepare our children to become active participants in a digital world at a level suitable to them.

Year 5 aims


  • Design, input an test an increasingly complex set of instructions to a program or device
  • Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or stimulating physical systems
  • Design, write and test simple programs that follow a sequence of instructions or allow a set of instructions to be repeated
  • Design, write and test simple programs with opportunities for selection, where a particular result will happen based on actions or situations controlled by the user
  • Use logical reasoning to explain how increasingly complex algorithms work to ensure a program's efficiency


What this looks in our class

The children have progressed in their coding abilities from Year 1 and should begin Year 5 feeling comfortable combining a range of skills to solve more complex problems.

The children will begin to make connections to the world we live in and the programs that they create. We will look at every day objects that might be controlled by software. To put this into perspective for them, we will look at integrating simple hardware with their coding projects.

Loops are a key area in Year 5, we will look at the effectiveness of them and use them to repeat a range of algorithms within our programs.

The children will be challenged to consider opportunities for selection within their programs. They will look at creating games whereby points are rewarded or lost, depending upon different scenarios 

Further progression from other years will ensure that children will also be able to confidently explain how their code helps to solve a problem.

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