Here at Dee Point, we have a thriving computing environment, teaching high-quality computing education. Our computing lessons ensure that pupils become digitally literate, can express themselves and communicate through information and communication technology, understand how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. We aim to prepare our children to become active participants in a digital world at a level suitable to them.

Year 2 aims

  • Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs
  • Create simple programes
  • Create and debug simple programes
  • Debug simple programes by using logical reasoning to predict the actions instructed by the code
  • Understand that programes execute by following precise and unambiguous instruction


What this looks like in our class

Following on from year 1, the children are reminded that programs follow a precise set of instructions called  algorithms. In year 2, the children progress to being able to understand that errors in programmes are typically caused by errors in the code that they have created. Children will begin using the terms 'bug' and 'debugging' to describe the errors that they find, and the steps they take to resolve them.

As pupils grow in confidence, we will challenge them to interpret a given code and try to predict what bugs may occur.

Over time, children will begin to understand that algorithms function identically, time and time again. Children should be able to explain that programes do not think for themselves but infact do exactly as they are told.

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