Science- Earth and Space

Date: 11th Dec 2017 @ 4:44pm






Wednesday 4th October 


I am learning about how day and night occurs.

Today we explored how the Earth revolves around the Sun. We learned that it takes 365.25 days for the Earth to travel around the Sun. We also learned that as the Earth was revolving around the Sun, it was also rotating on its own axis. We explored how this caused day and night by making human models. One person was the Sun, one was the Earth and the other was the Moon. We noticed that when the Earth was facing away from the Sun, it was night time, and when it was facing towards the Sun, it was day time. We discovered that it takes the Earth 24 hours to complete one rotation. We also explored this by making cardboard models. Have a look at the pictures attached! 


Thursday 5th October & Friday 6th October

I am learning about how day and night occurs.

I am learning how to select and use a variety of software.

Today, we created an I-Movie to explain how night and day occurs. To begin with, we worked in small groups to create scripts, using our scientific knowledge. We then rehearsed our scripts and began filming each other using the Ipads. We then used the I-Movie app to edit and snip our video clips. We added music and images from the internet that related to our Earth and Space topic. We had to make sure we were speaking very clearly and loud enough for the microphone to pick up our voices. We also had to make sure we held the Ipads properly so we got the people who were speaking in focus. Please ask us to show you our videos on our class Ipads! We would love to show you!

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