Our Core Professional Purpose

Date: 19th Sep 2016 @ 9:59pm

At Dee Point Primary we all agree to follow Our Core Principles: 
If it works, do more of it.  If it doesn't - don't be afraid to change it.
Problems are regarded as opportunities.
Everyones opinion counts.
We work as one to achieve our school vision.
We learn from the past to shape our future.
We challenge each other to move forward.

In our first week, we focused our learning around working together and challenging each other. 

To do this we started off by building the tallest tower we could by ourselves. 


We soon realised that if we wanted to build the tallest tower, we should share our pieces and put them all togehter. 

OD said: If we work together as a team, we'll all help each other. 

Look what happened then: 


LM said: If we all work together, we can help each other all of the time. 

PS added: We could help each other keep our classroom tidy and make good choices too. 

Miss Fellows was so impressed with how well Earth worked together and has carried on being amazed throughout these first two weeks back, Everyone is following our Core Professional Purpose beautifully, well done Earth! 



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