Homophone Half Term Homework

Date: 26th Oct 2017 @ 4:18pm

This half term we have been learning homphones during our spelling lessons. 

For homework over half term, can you write three sentences using each of the following homophones?




Once you've made your sentences, write your first name and then, in the comment box below, type your three sentences. 

There's also a game you can play to practise these homophones. Just click the picture. 


I'm looking foward to reading your sentences! 


From Miss Brothwood 

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Jenson wrote:

There are nine planets in the solar system.
Their dog likes to bark all the time.
They're on holiday in America.

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Will Littlehales wrote:

There are lots of people in the tent, so I can't fit in.
They're sleeping in my bunk bed.
The children are reading their school books quietly in the classroom.

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Leon chaloner wrote:

They're was fire works and a fun fair at the park we watched There was loads of rides at the fair We then decided their was to many people at the fireworks display

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Abu wrote:

There was a spider on my chair . I was playin with my dog. They're playing with out me.

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Kaci wrote:

That is their ball.
I saw a cat over there.
They're watching fireworks.

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Lexie wrote:

Look at alex over there.
I would like to borrow their teddies.
They're my sweets.

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Demi wrote:

1.There is my friend playing hop scotch.
2.The children went over their.
3.They're are swans entering the pond.
By Demi

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leighton wrote:

There is my ball.There're playing football.My friends took their scooters to the park.

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Adam Toth wrote:

Their ball was kicked over the fence. They're going to go to school. I went to the playground over there.

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