Homework- 9th June 2017

Date: 9th Jun 2017 @ 2:30pm






Hi Triton, 

We have neglected blogging for a while due to the hectic nature of SATs revision and general school life! However, I would really like to get us all up and running on the blog again.

For homework this week, I would like you to create a mini Manifesto! Choose 1 of the issues we discussed below, decide what it is you want to change about society relating to this issue, and explain HOW you are going to change it. 


  • Employment
  • National Security
  • The NHS
  • Housing
  • Education

I have done an example for a different issue below to help you out!

ISSUE - Pollution

My aim: By the year 2020, I will reduce carbon emissions by 30%

To do this, I will build more wind farms along coastal areas.

I will also ensure that all newly built council houses are installed with solar panels to improve the use of solar energy in residential properties. 

So that I can afford to do the above, I will introduce higher taxes for nuclear power plants. 


What would your manifesto be if you were a politician?

Looking forward to reading your responses. Remember, try to set it out like mine above. If you like, you could bring in a poster to school and we'll add a picture of it to the blog!

Miss Jones

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Katie wrote:

Issue: National Security

My aim: By the year of 2019, I will help the security by 25%

To do all this, I will rise the police force by a lot.I will do that by making sure popular places or cities will be swarmed with police, armed and more. Following this, every gang or strange looking people will be asked questions and searched before entering where they are going.

So that I can afford all of this, I will make a foundation towards `National Security` and everyone who is kind enough will do their part.

Paige G wrote:

Well done katie this is anazing i love your idea xx

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Cassie wrote:

my aim : by the year 2025, I will make sure that people can get seen faster and more quickly

To do this I will make sure builders build more hospitals/doctors.
I will also make sure when these new hospitals are built , that we hire more doctors / nurses .
so that I can afford to do this, I will make sure I have affordable funds for the people who work in thses hospitals /doctors .

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Hollie Reid wrote:

ISSUE- Housing

My aim: by the year 2020 all homeless people will have a chance

To do this, I will build temporary housing for the homeless.

I will also make sure that job opportunities are definitely given to those is need.

So that i can assure that I have enough money to provide the homeless with the above I will charge the rich more and open more charities.

-Also first comment ;P

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Alisha wrote:

Issue:National security

My aim: Make the world a safer place to live in.

To do this, I will give every place in the world the highest level of security to stop all attacks from happening.

I will make sure all police have trained in everything possible so they are prepared for any situation.

To make sure i can afford the above, I will make the richer people of the world pay more money for taxes and people who are struggling will pay less!

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Cassie wrote:

ISSUE: employment

my aim: by the year 2028 I will make sure all people ( including homeless ) can find jobs more easily

To do this , I will support the homeless by finding jobs , but not just the homeless also by helping others that are struggling with money issues. I will also make sure the people who are looking for a job are comfortable with what they're sighing up to . so I can afford to do this., I will make sure people who are already working pay their staff payments on time .

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Scott mooney wrote:

Issue - national security

My aim: by the year 2022 I will help the security 50%

I will build more metal detectors to stop terror attacks

I will also hire more police and S.W.A.T by 50%

So I can afford this I will rise taxes by 10% ( only the rich) and do a fundraiser

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Phoebe wrote:


My aim: by the year 2020 . I will help build Better schools and give schools better funding.

To do this I will rise £10 million. To give schools more opportunities to help children and buy better school equipment and I will fund more help for children with special needs.
I will do this by taxing rich people and banks more and give less money to big city's for new buildings.

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Paige G wrote:

Issue: Housing
My aim : by the year of 2019,all homeless will at leasf have some decent thing ti help them to survive
To do this i will put more charity boxes in shop and a law will be put it that every person will have to give £2 out of their wages they earn
To make sure i have anough money i will rise taxes by 10% and do fundraisers like cycling a certain amout of miles

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