Fascinating Fossils

Date: 28th Jan 2017 @ 1:11pm

Hello Year 6!

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at how different species have evolved and adapted in our Science lessons.

We'll begin this exciting new topic by exploring how fossils help scientists to learn all about the evolution of animals and then creating some artwork to show what we have learned.

What do you know about fossils?

Do a little bit of research and add it to the comments in the blog to share it with the rest of your classmates!

Remember, try to write the facts in your own words instead of just copying and pasting it from a website.

Additionally, if you have any questions about fossils, feel free to add them into your comments box too and we can see if anybody can help you out. blush

Happy researching!

Miss Jones

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Cassie wrote:

Hi Miss Jones ! I have just found out that the OLDEST Fossil ( which had once been found in South Africa , was over 3.2 BILLION years old !!

Miss Jones wrote:

Wow- almost as old as me Cassie!

I wonder if you (or anybody else) can find out what type of fossil it was?

Thanks for getting us started. :)

Miss J

Cassie wrote:

Your welcome :) I will try and get some more research tonight if I have time ;) And plus you`re not that old.

Oliwia wrote:

I found a few older than this, but apparently stromatolites are one of the oldest, the oldest one found being 3.48 billion years ago!

Cassie wrote:

Oliwia really !

Hollie :P wrote:

I'm sorry Miss Jones, I think your mistaken by 1 year ;P #ROASTED

I'm joking XD

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Katie MH wrote:

Hello Miss Jones! :D I haven't managed to do research but I'm looking forward to this work! I can't wait!

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Katie MH wrote:

Miss Jones the oldest fossil that Cassie found is called cyanobacteria I did some research and that's what I got!!

Leah wrote:

Nice fact :D

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Jacob wrote:

i cant wait to do this i want to know more please. Have a nice day.

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Oliwia wrote:

The word fossil comes from the word fossilis, which means 'dug up' in Latin. The first ever dinosaur fossil to be discovered (and reported) was in 1763.

Sorry that it's short, I only had 15 minutes left

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Oliwia wrote:

I think the picture of a fossil that you put up is a wolf, I googled a wolf fossil just out of interest and it looks strikingly familiar

Leah wrote:


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Isla😘 wrote:

Hi Miss Jones I found out that if the fossils were not found out about then we would not know about dinosaurs! Also, it's unusual to find a whole fossilled animal and scientists usually find shells, teeth and bones instead.

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Cassie wrote:

Hi Miss Jones ! I have just done more fact finding and I found out that the smallest fossil was 12 inch tall.

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Paige G wrote:

To miss jones,a fossil is evidence of a past plant or creature that is preserved in matirial of the earths crust.These can be a mould or amber ,cast ,trace fossil.Fossils can be any type depending on how they are formed,many fossils are bones,shells or teeth which is called petrificatation (teeth that is ).In Calofornia more than 660 fossils have been found.Wow incredible.Fossils are mostly found in these following countries (Baryonyx uk,Brazil,Argentina,Germany,China,Russia,antartica -ice mammouth,South Africa).Most fossilised animals died underwater and sank into the sand below.The body tissues are replaced with minirals dizzolved underground.Some fossils are footprints,poo,or animal burrows,rather than the atuall animal itself.The poo is called coprolites.I think thats anough for now thanks for listening :) xx

leah wrote:


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Andreea wrote:

Hi Miss Jones ! I found out that the first fossil ever found (that was recorded) was found in 1824 and the fossil was a Megalosauros !!! :D

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