Counting forwards and backwards up to 20.

Date: 19th Sep 2016 @ 10:21pm

Last week in Maths, Earth have been practising their counting of numbers up to 20. 

Miss Fellows was blown away with how well all children were able to count forwards and some children who work in our Hexagons group were counting numbers past 30! 

We built some towers up to 20 to help us with our counting and have also been playing some games in the morning too. 

 The triangles and squares worked with Miss Fellows here and were learning to count backwards. We were amazing at counting back from 10 but will keep working on counting back from 15 to 0. 

 The circles were amazing at making numbers up to 10. GG and RC could both tell me that the number gets bigger by 1 each time. All of the circles were also able to count backwards from 10. 

 Hexagons and rectangles were brillaint at ordering numbers from 0 - 20 and were also adding counting two amounts together to make a total. They could count back from 10 confidently, but will continue to work on counting back from 20 as well. 

Our next steps: 

To continue to practise counting forwards from any number 0 - 20. 

To continue to practise counting backwards from any number 0 - 20, using objects to help us. 

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