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Date: 5th Mar 2017 @ 3:24pm

Hello Triton!

Apologies for the delay in putting this blog up on the website, but my poor internet has been feeling a bit poorly all weekend! 

As you know, Russell came in to talk to us about the art project we will be contributing to on Tuesday. Over the next couple of days, I want to build up some ideas on our class blog about the interesting ways of moving and travelling that Russell mentioned. If you want, perhaps draw up some sketches to take with you into the session on Tuesday!

Rollerskating, race-car driving, bouncing on a pogo-stick or riding through the skies on the tail of a kite- the choice is endless and can go wherever your imagination wants to take you!

Post your ideas on the blog to help provide your classmates with some inspiration!

Miss Jones

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Isla-Mae😹 wrote:

Maybe coming to school with springs on your feet❓Or riding a kite through the air ⁉️ Or even biking to school on a one wheel bike ⁉️ I don't know hah but I tried thinking of some 💡 ideas 💡 😹

Paige.m wrote:

Good though Isla 🌸

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Isla-Mae😹 wrote:

Just another thought you could ride on a paper 📝 airplane ✈️ ???

Miss Jones wrote:

What a brilliant idea! Love this one Isla!

Miss J

Isla-Mae wrote:

Thankyouu 😸

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Katie wrote:

sorry i'm late :( my internet wasn't working! but you could do people riding an animal? ❤

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